Congratulations, you have decided to run for office! Now it is time to prepare for success; know your electorate, connect with bellwethers, kick off fundraising, and build your team. Now: where to put everyone?

At Genus, our Furniture partner will provide an individualized solution to meet the specific needs of your campaign office so you can get to work. Whether you wish to purchase or lease your furniture we have an option for you.

Our team will deliver, set-up, and remove the furniture so you can focus on what counts; your campaign.

Furniture options:


We understand that getting your message across to voters is the key to your campaign. Where do you start with setting up your voice communications?

At Genus, our voice communications partner will provide a rental package with multiple contract length options for your phones and conferencing services and provide a professional installation and training.

We offer:

IT Consulting and Support

Your campaign is unique. So are you. That’s why a one-size-fits-all IT solution just doesn’t cut it. At Genus, our IT Managed Services partner will provide a custom-built IT plan and individualized solution to meet the specific needs of your campaign office.

Whether you have a campaign staff of a 100 or just a handful, need help setting up a campaign email account or a whole cluster of cloud storage services, our approach is the same every time: you tell us about your campaign’s IT needs, we provide a hand-crafted managed service plan just for you.

Our goal? Building the right solution – one that fits your technology needs, provides the right level of support and is cost-effective.

Managed IT products & services:

Secured Document Management

A campaign is a team effort and seamless and secure digital communication amongst the team is important.  It’s essential to be able to quickly share information in a secure environment. At Genus, our cloud services and IT security partner will provide cloud based Team collaboration sites tailored to your specific office in just the click of a button.  Also, IT security features & training to defend against constant Cyber Security threats.

We offer:


Modern campaigns require fast and reliable internet access with flexible terms. At Genus, our internet service partner will provide data options sized to meet your needs from a local race to a national campaign.

We offer: